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The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Electrician for EV Charger Installation

The installation of an EV charger is a complex – sometimes dangerous – endeavour. You would do well to hire a licensed, experienced electrician for such a job. Save time, money – and any avoidable ancillary hospital visits!


If you’re looking to install a single or multiple EV chargers the right way – we here at Charlie Sparks Electrical Services are more than ready and willing to help you!

Reasons to hire a licensed electrician for EV charger installation

In the end, you will realise you do indeed require a licensed electrician for this job – for the following reasons…


The installation of an EV charger is a complex and hazardous task. Not just for you – but for others around the charger and EV as well. Therefore, it is important you hire an experienced, trained professional capable of safely performing such a job.


Not only are professionally trained installers a matter of safety – they’re a matter of the law! In many places, it is illegal to install such an EV charger WITHOUT the help of such qualified electricians.

Reliable service

Once the installation has been performed and is complete – it will also be nice to know that the EV’s charge will be reliable going forward.

Professional advice

Our experienced professionals can help you with any questions you may have concerning both your charger and EV – long into the future!

Saves a lot of time

Avoid the hassle of not knowing which step comes next. We’ve been doing this for a while now, so these safe steps come as second nature to us.

Fast services

Again, because these installations are second nature to us – we are able to perform them quickly and efficiently – so you can get back out there on the road – confident in your EV’s charge.

Risk-free installations

Without the added health hazards associated with installing your EV’s charger all by yourself – we’re able to help you get rid of any of those health hazards once and for all.

Electric car charging

Tips for Choosing the Right Licensed Electrician for EV Charger Installation

Of course, we understand you want to be sure you’re hiring the best electrician to tackle your all important EV charger installation job. Therefore – it is essential you search for an EV charger electrician who has experience installing such devices. As stated above – this could save you a lot of time, hassle, and health hazards in the future!


Additionally, you should invest in a reliable, punctual, safe – yet efficient – electrician – who will end up being the perfect fit for your particular EV charger installation job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure – but for all the reasons listed above – why on Earth would you? Consider the advantages of having a professional electrician install an EV charger for the peace of mind and safety of everyone around.

For those who own EVs and need to get around for long distances in a reliable manner – undoubtedly.

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