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The Safety Hazards Associated with Outdated Switchboards and How an Upgrade can Address them

Ensuring your home or commercial buildings switchboards are all up to date and functioning in the most optimal and efficient manner possible is a necessity for safety and electrical use. Every once in a while, then – it becomes necessary to upgrade your property’s switchboards. The question is, though – how are you able to tell when your property’s switchboards need replacing in the first place?

Signs Indicating the Need for a Switchboard Upgrade

The below list of warning signs indicating the need for switchboard upgrades will get you pretty far…

Old wiring

If the wiring is torn or otherwise degrading – this may be a sign of a much needed switchboard upgrade.

Flickering lights

Are your switchboard’s lights flickering at all? If so – this may be a warning sign they, like the rest of the switchboard itself, need to be replaced and/or upgraded.

Burning smell

If you smell burning anywhere around your switchboard – this is obviously not a great sign! Please do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced electrician to have the switchboard upgraded.


Any uncommon noises – indeed, any noises at all – detected in and/or around your property’s switchboard – are usually a sign something has already or is about to go wrong with the switchboard. Whatever the case, it needs to be replaced.


This may sound obvious – but the sight of sparks isn’t a good sign either! Replace any sparking switchboards on your property as soon as possible. Again, safety first!

Melted fuses

If any of your property’s switchboards’ fuses are melting – this is yet another sign an upgrade will be sorely needed. Any sort of malfunction which can cause a fire – however small a chance – is a great excuse for a new set of switchboards!


If any of these are becoming apparent – on any of your property’s switchboards – the prudent thing to do – the thing which will save you money in the long term – is to contact an experienced electrician such as the ones provided by us here at Charlie Sparks Electrical Services.

Further Reasons to Upgrade your Switchboard

Cost effectiveness

As stated above – the amount of money you will save if you choose to upgrade your property’s outdated switchboards will be immense compared to the cost of not doing so! Save your money later by spending your money now!

Overall and electrical safety

As always, outdated, sparking switchboards can lead to fires and other serious health hazards. As always, it is advisable to avoid these sorts of health hazards for those working or residing within your property at all costs.

Increase property value

Additionally – improving the safety and modernity of your property can only lead to the inevitable inflation of its value. Do yourself a favour and get those switchboards upgraded!

Typical Switchboard Upgrade Process

1. Turn off the property’s power

2. Remove switchboard’s protection equipment and fuses

3. Install eight to twelve pole enclosure

4. Connect existing circuits to the new circuit breakers and safety switches

5. Inspect grounding system to ensure it’s in a fully functional condition

6. Perform extensive set of electrical tests

Frequently Asked Questions

As stated above – switchboard upgrades can lead to improved safety, cost effectiveness, and increased property value.

If you value the lives of those who work and/or reside within your property – it is a good idea to keep those switchboards in tip top, safe shape!

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