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Looking to save money on your energy bills? Charlie Sparks Electrical Services can help! We specialise in installing high-quality solar PV systems across Sydney, customised to your needs. Our experienced, CEC accredited solar installers will make sure the process is hassle-free and that you get a solar power system that’s built to last. Plus, we offer routine maintenance and efficiency testing to keep your system running smoothly. Contact us today for a free quote!

How Solar PV Systems Work?

Solar panels are cells that collect sunlight and convert it into DC (direct current) electricity. The solar inverter then takes this DC electricity and converts it into AC (alternating current) power, which is what powers most appliances in your home. If you have a solar battery, any excess electricity generated by the solar panels can be used to charge it. Solar systems work best when they’re well positioned to get enough sunlight exposure.


Solar panels installation takes place on roofs or suitable places where they receive solar energy from the sun rays. These solar panels help convert solar power into electricity and help store excess electricity in the grid. Thus help in saving money.

Solar Services we Offer in Sydney

Solar installers accredited by the CEC can help you with a bunch of stuff, like:

  1. Installing solar panels with only the best components
  2. Making sure your solar system works like it’s supposed to every day
  3. Fixing solar inverters when they stop working right
  4. Checking out solar panels for reduced power generation, tiny cracks, hot spots, hail damage, and that other stuff

Our Sydney Solar Panel projects completed


Why Choose us as your Sydney Solar Panel installer?

We have completed various residential and commercial solar panel installations successfully and have contributed to energy bills savings for our clients. Our customers choose us for solar panel installations in Sydney because of the following reasons:

CEC accredited solar panel installer

Knowledgeable and expert installations

Professional and quality Installation

Prompt customer service

We only use top solar brands for installation

Free solar panel installations quotes

Local and reliable solar installation company

What our clients say!

Charlie and his team installed new solar panels. He went above and beyond just the installation, answered every question and fulfilled everything he said, plus more. His team also installed a new ceiling fan on the spot. All the guys are super polite. Very happy to have found them and will not hesitate to use again when needed. I can highly recommend. Easy to deal with and honest.
Jennifer Quek
Jennifer Quek
Great service, on time and thorough. Would definitely use Charlie Sparks again.
Ged Mansour
Ged Mansour
Peter was able to fix the lighting very quick with short notice. He was nice and friendly. Definitely recommend.
Steffi Contad
Steffi Contad
Great Sevices
James Song
James Song
Charlie is the best in the business came on time as promised and was always happy to answer phone calls. Charlie was happy to answer all questions asked on site and was able to fix the issue on the same day thank you for your professionalism and honesty
Amanda Kenaan
Amanda Kenaan
Charlie did solar installation, it was a clean job. Very happy with the installation.
Neelakandan V
Neelakandan V
We are very happy Charlie to service our block of units as we have lost power and required an urgent fix
Louisa pou
Louisa pou
I almost didn’t use Charlie due a scheduling conflict but stoked I was able to. This guy is awesome, great job and reasonable rates. He is happy to talk stuff through and improve the layout where possible. He has been back twice for phase 2 and 3 of our renovation and we will get him back for our solar system in due course. Thanks Charlie !
James Grey
James Grey
Charley came out on very short notice, did an awesome job! Replaced junction/fuse box and internal cabling, plus fixture. Would recommend him for any electrical work. On time, and very efficient
Aleksandar Petkovski
Aleksandar Petkovski


For any enquiry call us, message us, or mail us on following contact details.

    Savings | Charlie Sparks Electrical Services


    Our systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, saving you lots of money in the long run.

    Solar Maintenance Program | Charlie Sparks Electrical Services

    Solar Maintenance Program

    Our fully qualified electricians can keep your solar system up and running with our full maintenance program

    Benefits of Solar System 

    Solar power systems offer many great benefits to property owners, including:

    Today to Get Your Solar Energy System Inspected

    Professional Solar Panel Installers

    Reliability is a main concern for people seeking alternative sources of electricity. To help combat this problem, we use high quality inverters in our solar panel installation services to ensure you have a consistent supply of electricity. The Fronius Symo inverters are some of the best on the market and can be scaled to your specific needs.

    Professional Solar Panel Installers | Charlie Sparks Electrical Services

    Adding a home battery is also an option so that you can store surplus solar energy for when the sun isn’t available. Charlie Sparks has experienced electricians that can work on residential and commercial electrical work. They can install everything required to keep your building running on solar energy.

    Are you Looking For Efficient Solar Panel Installation in Sydney?

    Looking to switch to solar power? Charlie Sparks Electrical Services can help. We offer a variety of solar services to help you make the switch, including quotes and consultations. To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call today at 0451 973 164.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    After your approval for the solar quote we gave , our CEC accredited solar installers will come to your place and start the installation process. It usually takes around a day to complete a normal residential solar panel installation. Whereas, it may take a week’s time to complete a complex commercial solar panel installation.

    An average solar panel installation cost for a 6.6 kw system is between $ 6000 to $ 10000 depending on the time and labor costs.

    Yes. All our solar panel installers are accredited by CEC . So you are ensured for quality solar panel installations.

    Ideally solar panels require rays from the sun to work. But if you have a solar battery connected to your solar panels , then you can get electricity even during a blackout from the solar power stored in the solar battery. To read how solar batteries help to reduce energy bills and complement solar panels read here.

    Solar Panels require maintenance only 2 to 4 times in a year. But you need to check if debris and dust does not affect the working of solar panels. Charlie Sparks Electrical Services provides maintenance service as part of solar panel services.

    The size of solar panels and number of solar panels depend on the usage of electricity, the climate of your area, sunlight exposure, and the space available for solar panel installation.

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