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Is your electrical outlet not working?

Are you having trouble with your electrical outlet? The reason - and how to fix it.

You have plugged in, unplugged it, switched it on, and switched it off many times. Still, your electrical outlet doesn’t work. A faulty or dead outlet can be frustrating, especially when attempting to recharge your laptop or use your electric kettle to make your tea.

You may find this interesting if an electrical outlet has suddenly stopped working. Here are the reasons your outlets might fail and what you can do to fix them.


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The Reasons why your electrical outlet isn't working?

Your daily activities rely on the electrical outlet we don’t even think about before it fails. But, when the electrical outlet is not working, everything seems apart-it when interrupts home working, you miss your favorite tv show, and homemakers experience an interruption in the kitchen.

Here are the reasons why the outlet isn't working

  • Trip of Circuit Breakers.

When an electrical circuit is overloaded, the circuit breaker trips. In most cases, this is due to multiple appliances used simultaneously. Usually, this indicates an overloaded circuit rather than an outlet-specific problem.


For this problem, you need to reset the switch on and off. Resetting the switch will solve the circuit tripping problem and further the outlet problem.


  • Fuse Blown

If you have a fuse box at Home that runs the electricity, there might be an issue with the broken or Blown fuse. 


A broken or Blown fuse may cause multiple electrical outlet failures.


  • Faulty or tripped GFCI

A Ground fault circuit interrupter is a device used in bathroom or kitchen power outlets. It protects from electrical shock and detects any short circuit.


If your GFCI is faulty, then an electrical outlet will not work. So, it is crucial to reset it when it is not working. Do not try to take action further and immediately call an expert or emergency electrician.


  • Burnt Outlets

Heat and electrical surges in the electrical wiring can cause electrical outlet damage. If you experience a burning smell or smoke-emitting from the outlet, immediately call an electrician to repair the burnt outlets.


These things can cause health hazards if left unchecked.


  • Loose Wirings and poor installation:

Loose wires in the electrical wiring can lead to electrical outlet failure. It is essential to take expert help in fixing this problem.


Also, if your previous outlets have been inaccurately installed, they may show signs of damage where there is a risk of electrical outlet failure.


It is better to take assistance from commercial electricians who repair or replace faulty wiring and outlets effectively.


  • Old Outlets

Old and worn-out electrical outlets need replacement simply due to the wear and tear of the outlets.


Old outlets suffer from decomposing materials or frayed wiring and loose connections.


Older outlets can also cause problems like

  • Electrical shock
  • Connection issues
  • Fires

Try replacing an old outlet with a new one immediately.

How to check an outlet(DIY) before calling an electrician?

  • Check switch

Always keep a check on the safety switch on the switchboard. The main supply of electricity in the house is the switchboard. If the switch trips constantly, the electrical outlets will not work accurately. In this case, call an electrician immediately.


  • Test other appliances:

Try to plug other electrical equipment on the electrical outlet that is not working. If the secondary equipment works, the problem is with the primary equipment and isn’t because of the electrical outlet.


  • Check for other outlets:

If one outlet is not working, you should check for other power outlets and their connectivity. You should check whether the problem is with one outlet or other nearby outlets. It will help you clear whether to repair the defective outlet or the whole electrical unit.


  • Unplug other electrical appliances from the outlet.

If appliances are overloaded in a single outlet, this may cause electrical outlet failure. So, try to remove the load from an outlet. For example, the refrigerator,ac, and tv take more load if plugged in one outlet. Try to plug in less load on the electrical outlet to prevent failure.

Is it essential to hire an electrician for an electrical outlet?

You must hire a professional electrician as they have all the necessary equipment and testers to check and rectify the problem.

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