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Is The Power Out? Things You Should Do During A Power Outage

Electricity is one of the most important parts of our life and we are heavily dependent on it. Power outs can often be emotional as electricity represents convenience and security.


So imagine being without electricity for an extended period. While it does happen from time to time because of unexpected extreme weather, the fact is that at the end of the day, you need to know what to do in these times.


If your electric supply fails due to a power line failure, you can firstly approach your power supply company for help.


However, if you find the problem in your own house, you need to call an electrician like Charlie Sparks Electrical Services for assistance. They deal with any power outage and will be able to resolve the issue quickly!

Causes of Power Outages

Power outages happen due to various reasons. Below are some of the main reasons:


  • When the electricity demand is higher than the supply, power supply companies may switch off the electricity of your area to supply other regions, aka load shedding.
  • Some Australian regions face extreme weather conditions leading to bushfires, heavy rains, snowfalls, etc., that cause power lines damage or electricity supply disturbances.
  • Power outages occur when infrastructure work or traffic accidents near the power supply line happen.


These are some of the reasons or sources of a power outage. But eventually, we need to deal with the situation. So, how will we deal with such problems? Let’s have a look.

What to do during a power outage

Preparedness and prevention will go a long way during an unexpected power outage. You can take specific steps to ensure that your home’s electrical system, particularly appliances and lighting fixtures, is well protected and secured from adverse effects such as shock or fire.


Here are some steps to deal with outages as they may reduce stress when there’s no electricity.


  • Identify the source of the power outage.

If a power outage occurs, you may decide to enquire if your neighbors have power. This will help you identify the source of the power outage. Regarding the wiring of your electrical system, it is wise to obtain the contact details of your power provider and an emergency electrician for inspection purposes if required.


  • Turn off electrical appliances.

A power outage may lead to a fault in your electrical appliances if the power fluctuates. It’s best to turn off your electric appliances to prevent damage to them.


  • Always have candles in case of an emergency.

The timings of power outages are uncertain. Depending on the fault source, it can last for one to two hours or an extended period. So to keep your family safe, always try to keep candles handy.


  • Opt for battery-operated electric appliances or a portable generator

A power outage can affect your daily activities, but you can prepare for them by stocking up on a few extra things. If you have old battery-powered devices in your home, ensure they work. Also, having a portable generator is helpful as well.


If the source of a power outage is in your own house, it’s best to call a local electrician to check the fault.


Charlie Sparks Electrical Services is at your service when you need a trusted electrician for a power outage. We provide residential electrical services with the highest quality, care, and efficiency levels so that each client receives unmatched treatment and value.

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