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How To Clean Solar Panels From The Ground

Do you know? According to Profile Solar, Sydney produces an average of 6.73 kWh of solar energy on a good day. It makes solar panels viable, provided they are properly maintained and cared for.


The amount of sunlight reaching photovoltaic cells can be significantly reduced by dirty solar panels, reducing the amount of energy produced. The build-up of dirt, dust and other debris on solar panels over time can also cause accelerated degradation, reducing the overall lifespan and performance of the system.


This article will cover how to clean solar panels and some key considerations that can help increase energy production, extend the life of the panels, and promote a more sustainable future.

Why Clean Solar Panels?

With its clean, renewable nature, solar energy has immense potential to meet our growing energy needs and reduce our carbon footprint. However, solar panels must be cleaned and maintained to benefit from solar energy.

Maximise Energy Output

The amount of sunlight reaching photovoltaic cells can be significantly reduced by dirty solar panels, reducing the amount of energy produced. Maintaining your solar panel’s ability to absorb sunlight and generate as much electricity as possible depends on regular cleaning

Extend The Lifecycle Of Solar Panels

Dirt, dust, and other debris building up on the surface of solar panels over time can cause premature failure. Regular panel cleaning extends the life of your solar power system by protecting its delicate parts and preserving their structural integrity.

Maintain Maximum System Efficiency

In addition to reducing energy production, dirty solar panels can upset the entire system, reducing efficiency and possibly even equipment failure. Maintaining clean panels will guarantee that your solar system runs at maximum efficiency, providing reliable and stable power production.

Boost Visual Appeal

Besides their practical benefits, clean solar panels also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. A shiny, well-maintained solar array can dramatically enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home or business space, increasing its attractiveness and value as an investment.

Participate In Sustainability

You can reduce your energy bills and contribute to a more sustainable future by keeping your solar panels functioning and lasting longer. By maximising the amount of renewable energy produced, clean solar panels help you use less fossil fuels and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Critical Considerations for Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are becoming popular for both homes and businesses as the need for renewable energy sources increases. However, proper maintenance is essential to guarantee longevity and best performance, including regular cleaning. The frequency and technique of cleaning solar panels are determined by considering several important factors.

Hot Spots On Solar Panels

1) Regional Climate

Depending on the local climate, the frequency and method of cleaning solar panels may vary. More frequent cleaning may be required in areas with high dust levels, pollution or frequent rainfall to maintain optimal performance. On the other hand, mild climates may require less care.

2) Installation Angle

The rate at which dirt and debris accumulate can also be affected by the angle at which your solar panels are installed. Because water and wind can wash away any buildup more easily, panels installed at a more acute angle generally have higher self-cleaning properties. Shallow-angled installation of panels may require more frequent hand cleaning.

3) Dust And Dirt Build Up

Depending on where you live, the type and amount of dust, dirt, and other environmental pollutants that build up on your solar panels can vary greatly. Panels getting dirty faster can be caused by several factors, including being close to industrial areas, construction sites or heavily travelled roads.

4) Availability

Access to your solar panels can also be a significant factor for cleaning. For optimal cleaning, panels placed in tight spaces or inaccessible roofs may require specific equipment or expert assistance.

5) Efficiency Loss Tolerance

When determining when to clean your solar array, one of the most critical factors is to find an acceptable amount of efficiency loss from panel dirt. While some businesses or homeowners may be more willing to accept a slight reduction in production, others will always want to operate at maximum efficiency.

Tips for Effective Solar Panel Cleaning From the Ground

Although it may seem simple, cleaning solar panels from the ground involves paying close attention to detail and using the right tools and techniques to prevent damaging the microscopic surfaces.

Select Appropriate Cleaning Supplies

Using the correct tools when cleaning solar panels from the ground is vital to prevent scratching or damaging the delicate surfaces. Dedicated solar panel cleaning kits, microfiber mops, and soft-bristle brushes are good choices. Avoid high-pressure water or abrasive substances, as they can damage the panels over time.

Solar Panel Repair Services | Charlie Sparks Electrical Services

Select Appropriate Cleaning Supplies

Make sure the cleaning solution you use is mild and non-abrasive. The best option is a mild, pH-neutral soap and water solution, which can remove dirt and grime efficiently and without streaks or residue. Strong chemicals or solvents may weaken the protective coatings or sealants on the panels.

Use Light Hands And Light Pressure

It is essential to clean solar panels with light pressure and gentle, circular motions. Avoid excessive force, as this may cause scratches or other surface damage to the panel. To guarantee a thorough and consistent clean, take your time and proceed methodically.

Create A Schedule For Frequent Maintenance

Maintaining the best possible performance of your solar panels requires regular cleaning. This may involve cleaning the panels every three months, every two months or once a year, depending on your local conditions and how the panels are installed. Maintaining your property can help avoid accumulating dirt and debris, hindering energy production.

Put Safety First When Cleaning

Safety should always come first when cleaning solar panels, especially if you are doing it from the ground. Before cleaning, ensure the panels are disassembled and turned off. To prevent potential hazards, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and eye protection, and pay attention to your surroundings.

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