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Serving the community with our committed electricity services, Charlie Sparks is the trusted name in providing highly Professional Electrical Services in North Sydney and the Northern Beaches providing commercial electrical services and residential electrical jobs.

We are known to carry out safe and competent Solar Installations and Electrical Services. Our Professional Electrical Services and experienced electricians bring the most efficient and best electrical services to your door.

Whether you’re facing an electricity breakdown or want to connect the correct wires of your new electrical appliance to the socket, there’s no reason for you to fiddle around with electricity.

One faulty wire connection can cause a substantial electric failure.

Charlie Sparks walks in such situations to keep you away from the acute danger of electric circuits. Leave the wires and circuits work for Charlie Sparks’ trained electricians and enjoy a stress-free life.

Highly Graded Solar Panel Services

Lift some burden from your electricity expenses by switching to Solar Energy.

We have expertise in solar panel installation and arranging them in the perfect alignment to get your home or commercial space powered with maximum solar energy. Our team of experts also install high quality backup batteries for a longer power supply.

Charlie Sparks also has high quality affordable backup batteries available for sale.

Call us or fill the inquiry form to know more about our high quality backup batteries, and Electricity and Solar Services.

Reasons to Call Charlie Sparks

Expert Electricians

We have experts to provide any residential electrical service or commercial electrical work.

Low Turnaround time

Get superfast service with a meagre turnaround time.

Fully Licensed

Only certified experts carry out our professional electrical services.

And more…

Keep stress out of the equation with the most prominent electricity and solar services from Charlie Sparks.

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