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Benefits Of Solar Energy To The Environment

Advantages of Solar Energy to The Environment and For Your Wallet

Conserve Environment and Money With Solar System Installation in Sydney

Whether it is the rising interest in protecting the Great Barrier Reef or protests to reduce mining, climate activism is on the rise. 


We Aussies are becoming environmentally conscious with every passing day. Plus, there is a need to choose options that prove wallet-friendly in the long term.


So, no wonder more people are looking at solar power to fulfill energy needs. Indeed it is the most abundant renewable energy, and Australia has the best climatic conditions to produce the same. 


Let’s look at some crucial environmental and financial benefits you gain by shifting to solar energy. 

Play a role in reducing strain on water resources

As you are probably aware, Australia happens to be the world’s driest continent. Plus, a study published by the University of Sydney suggests the country may not have sufficient water to meet demand by 2030. 


There is nothing significant you can do to reduce water use for crucial activities. However, everyone can play a small role in protecting the natural resource by slowly shifting to solar power. 


Now, you might wonder, how much water do geothermal or fossil fuel power plants use? 


Power plants use more than a billion gallons of fresh water daily in various processes. But on the other hand, solar photovoltaic cells do not require water to generate electricity. 


Solar panel installation or repairing processes do not involve using harmful materials. So, you can proudly tell others about your role in conserving natural resources.

Reduced power bill means more money in your wallet

Rather than totally relying on your electricity retailer, you can let the solar system generate 50 percent power out of your needs.  


If you have sufficient space for rooftop solar panels, you can generate surplus clean energy and export the remaining to the grid. 


You might ask, “How much can I save on power bills each year with solar power?” Of course, the answer depends on your electricity usage, batteries, and the solar system’s capacity. But, the Australian Energy Market Commission has its estimates. They suggest households with a four to six kilowatts system can save $900 to $1000 annually by feeding excess power to the grid only during selected hours.  


Setting up a sufficient number of batteries can help your household consume generated power during peak times. 

Controlling carbon footprint

You might wonder how you can control your home’s carbon footprint. Well, you can do so by using solar energy instead of consuming power from the grid. 


Every megawatt-hour of solar power you use is helping reduce at least half a tonne of carbon dioxide emission. 


The sunlight is abundant, and so is solar power. And as you are aware, panels do not release any gasses into the environment while converting sunlight to electricity. 

Add value to your property

Several studies have pointed out that houses in Australia with solar power systems are given preference. In fact, buyers are willing to pay slightly more for such real estate. 


A study quoted by Origin Energy goes a step further. It is beneficial for landlords. You can expect renters to pay $10 more weekly for a home with solar power and a battery wall. 

Cleaner air and health for everyone

You must have read or watched documentaries on the Chernobyl, Fukushima, Kyshtym, Windscale, or the Three Mile Island nuclear incidents.


Such accidents often cause radioactive contamination. As a result, the rate of cancer diagnoses is exceptionally high around areas where these tragedies happened. Yet, as usual, governments and agencies in these countries tried to cover up the severity and impact of these disasters. 


Thankfully, Australia has never had even a single nuclear power plant. And by shifting to solar, you can ensure the country never needs one. Plus, investing in solar power systems reduces the risk of cancer, heart and lung failure, and asthma attacks for everyone. 

Government rebates and subsidies

No doubt. The government has considerably reduced rebates and subsidies on solar panels since 2012. Yet, it is significant to note that the applicable solar rebate (per kW installed) and other subsidies may vary from one state to the other. In addition, there are programs for low-income households and pensioners as well. 


Some popular schemes are Solar Rebate New South Wales, Solar Rebate Queensland, Solar Rebate South Australia, Solar Rebate Victoria, Solar Rebate ACT, and Federal Government Solar Rebate. 


Connect with a licensed solar system installation specialist like Charlie Sparks today for more details. The firm is known for outstanding solar workmanship. They are the best option if you require an electrician to install or repair solar power systems in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs.

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