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Solar Isolator Switch Recall: What You Need to Know?

In Sydney, hundreds of homes have faulty solar DC isolators, posing a fire risk. The recall of defective solar isolator switches has been ongoing for some time. However, many have not been replaced, still posing a danger to residents and anyone working on them.


It is highly recommended that homeowners check the brand of their isolator switch as soon as possible. Usually, the switch is located near the inverter or on the roof near the solar panels.


A DC isolator switch disconnects solar panels during installation, repairs, and maintenance for safety reasons. If you discover that recalled DC isolator switches are installed in your system, please turn off the solar power system immediately following the manufacturer’s shut down procedure, and contact your installer or licensed electrician to properly replace the switch.


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What is a Solar Isolator Switch?

DC isolator switches are electrical safety devices that can disconnect themselves from the modules of a solar photovoltaic system manually. The PV DC isolator is used to manually disconnect solar panels during maintenance, installation, or repair in photovoltaic systems

Does a Solar Panel Have an Isolation Switch?

A rooftop DC isolator is a switch that is situated next to a solar panel array and serves as a safety measure. Using the switch, DC current is effectively shut off between the solar panels and the inverter. These boxes are, however, one of the most common causes of rooftop solar system fires.

How Does a DC Isolator Help a Solar PV System?

DC isolators are manual switches that prevent electricity from flowing through a PV system. It’s done to ensure safety in emergency situations or to allow for service and maintenance.

Brands that are Referred to as Solar Isolator Switch Recall

In a recent announcement, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission notified consumers of potentially faulty DC isolator switches.

  • NHP
  • Salzer Sola
  • Avanco
  • PVPower
  • Gen3/SPM


There has been a recall on all NHP DC Solar Isolator Switches type KDA-432 and KDM-432. In February 2014, a similar recall involved switches that were replaced. From July 2013 to October 2014, affected units were sold to electrical wholesalers and solar contractors.   

A Solar DC Isolator Manufactured by Salzer.


Model DCLB232, also known as IPV40E and IPV40ES.

The consumers or owners should immediately turn off the isolator switch or contact an emergency electrician for safety.


Advantech Pty Ltd has issued a recall order for the affected Avanco DC isolators. Advantech Pty Ltd was required to remove the Avanco DC isolators from the solar power system and replace them with electrically safe isolators. 


The Electrical Safety Office has prohibited the supply or installation of these isolators.

There are several DC isolators with the following model numbers that are defective, all of which are branded ‘Avanco’.


  • AV/DC4P25A
  • AV/DC2P25A
  • AV/DC4P25AUB
  • AV/DC2P625AU
  • AV/DC2P25AU
  • AV/DC2/2P25AU
  • AV/DC2/2P125AU
  • AV/DC4P25AU
  • AV/DC4P25AUS
  • AV/DC4P25AUT.


When you identify the isolators, you should shut down the system immediately.

PV Power

In cooperation with regulatory authorities, DKSH, the importer of PVPower DC isolators, has voluntarily recalled these products. 


The PVPower part number is XPDCISO1000V32A

Consumers/Contractors/Installers in the electrical industry should replace the isolator immediately.


An update has been issued by EnergySafety on a public warning sent out on May 21 regarding dangerous switches used in solar systems.
Western Australia has issued a prohibition notice, prohibiting the sale of the switches.


Rotary type dc isolators branded GEN3 and SPM with model numbers GEN3DC-25, GEN3DC-32, SPMDCISO-25A and SPMDCISO-32A


In 2012, Eltech Industries recalled their ISO MAX DC isolators.

DC Isolator Switches supplied by Eltech Industries with the following model numbers and markings are being recalled:

  • Model No. LS16, DCISO 1000V
  • Model No. LS25, DCISO 1000V
  • Model No. LS32, DCISO 1000V.

Defects and Hazards

Each of the six DC isolators that were recalled had the same defect; localised heating caused by higher than desired contact resistance on one of the contact points. In other words, excessive heating at a contact caused the failure mode  


Due to an internal fault, the switch contact mechanism may overheat; this may result in damage to the switch mechanism, internal arcing, and potentially allowing access to live parts through the enclosure and cables.

Under certain conditions, the products could cause fire or electrocution.

Isolator Shutdown Procedure

A shutdown procedure according to which the solar power system is shut down is safe in some recalls. The procedure may be printed on a label on the switchboard near your main power switch, or in the installer’s literature. As a general rule, you should follow the recall procedure or the instructions that came with your system.

Contact your installer or an electrical contractor if you have any questions about shutting down your system.

Need Solar Isolator Switch Assistance?

Charlie Sparks has extensive experience in solar panel switch installation, maintenance and repair.


Our experienced solar power team can assist you if you are unsure if your solar PV system has one of these switches. We can also assist you with the shutdown process of your solar power system. Maintaining your solar PV system regularly ensures any damage, moisture ingress, or faults are discovered promptly.

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