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How to Choose Light Bulbs for Each Area of Your Home

Feeling a bit dark and drab in your home? Home lighting is something we rarely think about, but choosing the correct bulbs can improve the atmosphere, reduce your electric bills, and even improve your productivity.


Light in a room affects everything from your sleep schedule to your brain power. The place where you spend most of your life, you’re home, deserves to be well-lit. 


Knowing which works best in a particular space can be challenging when purchasing light bulbs. Each type of light bulb has its purpose, so your choice of the lamp should be determined by the room’s needs.


Charlie Sparks helps you select the correct type of bulb for each area of your home, depending upon your requirements or needs.

Different Types of Light Bulbs:

The type of bulb you choose will determine the colour of the light. A bulb consists of four basic types based on its performance:

  • Incandescent Light Bulb

Traditionally, most of us have used these bulbs for decades, but more energy-efficient choices replace them. The light they emit is warm and glowing.

  • CFL Bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps):

The energy consumption of these bulbs is 75 percent lower than that of an incandescent bulb.

Their lifespan is also longer. In terms of brightness and temperature, they usually emit a calmer tone.

According to National Geographic, CFLs contain mercury in small amounts, but they still need to be handled and disposed of with caution.

  • LED’s

The LED has the same efficiency as CFLs but has a three-times longer lifespan. In the past, they were used primarily for task lighting, providing harsh, direct light. 

However, they have evolved and now provide a more pleasant light. The appearance is similar to that of incandescent bulbs, but they are more efficient and last longer. Consequently, they are also more expensive, but utility rebates are available.

  • Halogen Light:

Halogen light is similar to natural daylight as it emits a bright white light. These are ideal for task lighting. 

The energy consumption of these bulbs is also reduced by 10-20 percent from incandescent bulbs.

Brightness is in lumens. The brighter bulbs, the more the lumens. A typical home bulb produces 800 lumens or 60 watts. What is the minimum number of lumens you need in each room? Your preferred lighting intensity will depend on how big your room is, what colour your room walls are, and how big your room is.

Home Lighting Recommendations

You should evaluate every room in your home when choosing light bulbs. When selecting light fixtures and bulbs for your home, consider your home’s unique needs.


LED bulbs can save energy when used in long-term lighting. Here are some tips to help you:

  • The Bathroom

The lighting in your bathroom can be moderate or bright. The ideal place for a light bulb is close to the bathroom vanity. 


To reduce post-shower shivers, you can use halogen incandescent bulbs in such areas since they produce the most heat out of all bulbs. Don’t use CFLs in the bathroom. Due to frequent on-and-off cycles, CFLs wear out more quickly.

  • The Kitchen

It is essential to have enough or even excessive light in your kitchen. For food preparation areas, LED lights are better, and under-cabinet lighting is another option to get the appropriate lights.

  • The Bedroom

Bedrooms must have low to moderate lighting levels.

Warm dim bulbs are a must for bedrooms since they are a place where you can sleep and relax.


Any light, especially blue lights, can disrupt your sleep at night. Bedrooms benefit from incandescent lamps because they emit the least blue light.

  • The Home Office

Having bright and excellent lighting in your work environment (home office) would be best. Keeping alert and focused is made easier if you install LED bulbs. 

Need Home Lightning Solutions?

Upgrading your residential lighting may not be something you want to do by yourself, even if you know how to choose suitable light bulbs. From deciding the right corner to place dimmer switches to selecting distinctive lighting fixtures, there is much more to think about beyond bulbs. Charlie Sparks helps you install the correct type of light bulbs in each area of your home. We provide an expert technician who installs and fixes the lighting for your home.

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