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Factors To Consider When Installing Solar Panels

Tips for choosing the best solar panel installer

Going solar in Australia now offers homeowners a phenomenal chance to permanently reduce electricity bills with clean, renewable energy. Ever-rising electricity rates mean that solar has turned into much more than an environmentally stimulating move; for quite a few households, it’s become a financially prudent one as well.


Still, we understand that switching to solar power completely is an important decision and can be a big undertaking. Knowing which solar installer is right for you and performing extensive research on them can sometimes be overwhelming which is why we created this guide to help you. We made sure it’s reader-friendly, informative and accurate so you have everything you need in one place when it comes making this very important choice!


Some of the important tips /considerations in selecting best solar panel installer are:

Solar company accreditations and certifications

Some of the important accreditations required in a quality solar panel installer are:

CEC accreditation

The Federal Government offers a solar power rebate to all consumers who install solar panels on their property by a CEC accredited solar installer.

Other Industry affiliations

  • Smart Energy Council member
  • Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
  • Australian PV Institute

Experience of Installer

To get high quality solar installation, you should only work with companies that have worked on a myriad of solar panel installation projects. Like in any other industry, an experienced team can more adequately meet the demand of your project than a first-timer.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customers can always describe the company’s service quality the best. You will come to know of their strengths and weaknesses. However, it is not fair to rule a company out on the basis of just one bad review. So always gauge the number of good reviews and bad reviews and make a conscious choice. Read Google reviews for further insights into this company or any other viable option that might be suitable for your company’s unique needs and challenges! You can also check if any of your close friends or family members have availed services from this company before so they can weigh in with you firsthand!

Compare warranties, business longevity and after sales service

It’s important to check the type of warranties the solar panel installer offers. This is because it indicates confidence in the quality of service policies. For example, a performance guarantee or a guarantee of workmanship and maintenance are specific aspects that could shed light on the quality of a solar panel installation.


There are a few things to look for when choosing a solar installer. One indicator of a good installer is the after sales service. If the company has a good reputation for providing after sales service, it is likely that they will be able to take care of any problems that may arise during and after installation.

A tailored solution for your property

When you meet with solar installation companies, remember to separate the sales person from the sales pitch. A good salesperson will provide suggestions on what works best for your property and your electricity consumption but will present it as a suggestion rather than an order. If at some point you feel pressured into buying anything – then they probably aren’t one of the companies worth talking to.

Check Present Projects

Make sure your solar service provider has some experience working in this field. Have they worked on any other great solar projects? A certified company will always try to brag about their past work so as to gain more recognition by potential customers. This will give you an idea of the type of services that the company specializes in and how exactly the business operates overall.


Choosing the right solar panel installer can be difficult. But by following these tips, you can make the process easier.
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