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Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in a House

Every year, thousands of homes in Australia get burnt to the ground because of faulty wiring. To save oneself and your family from a world of troubles, one should be aware before the time of the primary signs that denote a home’s electrical wiring is unrepairable and risky to human health. Here are some easy to spot signs that signify your home might have a faulty wiring system:

Flickering or dimming lights

It is quite usual for light bulbs to flicker or dim at times. If the flickering is limited to only a single fixture, replacing the bulb should solve the problem. If more than one light fixture flickers on and off like this, it indicates some deeper issue with your wiring.

Sparking or Shock

If the sockets in your home or apartment are sparking or accidentally giving you a shock, this is not good. Call your local electrician to check on the faulty wiring.

Frequent Tripping

An electrical overload occurs when your home’s wiring cannot handle the amount of electricity required. In an overloaded circuit, fuse links of a circuit breaker will blow, fuses will trip, and breakers will switch off to isolate the overloaded circuit and potentially prevent injury or fire. Frequent tripping is an indication that electrical wiring is not proper, and some work needs to get done.

Foul odour

If you detect any burning smells coming from your home’s electrical wiring, it’s time to get up close and personal with your electrical panel. Although the smell may indicate that a fire has already begun, the truth is that damage has started much sooner than you think. The smell of burning wires is similar to burnt plastic or something you might find when burning cardboard at home.

Hot outlets

Suppose any of your home’s power outlets turn hot, start to vibrate, or produce a burning smell. In that case, it is critical to have an electrician come out immediately to assess and fix these issues before you or someone else gets hurt.

Charred outlets

If any of your power outlets are sporting dark marks, this can indicate that the wiring underneath is burning hot. These charred outlets indicate an issue with the home’s wiring system, which may risk an electrical fire.

What should you do if your wiring is showing these signs?

Suppose there is any reason to believe that your wiring might be faulty, whether you have been experiencing problems with current flow or want to make sure everything is functioning correctly. In that case, you must call an electrician and get the situation inspected as soon as possible.


Poor electrical wiring puts you at a higher risk of shocks and electrical fires. So, if you want to ensure the safety of your home, be on guard for the signs mentioned above.


And if you find yourself in need of expert help to fix or replace faulty wiring in your home, contact Charlie Electrical Services. We have something for everyone, including emergency electrician Melbourne, residential electrician Melbourne, or our level 2 electricians.

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