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Factors To Consider When Installing Solar Panels

How Can you Identify if Your House is Solar Energy Ready?

If you’re considering going solar, you may be curious about solar energy’s financial viability, your roof’s suitability for solar panels, potential electricity generation, and the best available solar panel manufacturers.


Before investing in solar energy for your home, it is essential to ask critical questions to ensure the property is well-suited for solar panel installation. Here are a few key considerations to review before committing to purchasing or leasing a solar energy system.

Gets Enough Sunlight

When installing solar panels, it is critical to consider the amount of available sunlight. Even so, solar power is not just valuable for sunny climates.

Amount of sun

Solar panels are most beneficial when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods; however, this does not mean that the amount of sun must be consistent daily.


It is essential to be aware that seasonal variations in sunlight exposure may be more pronounced in northern regions, with shortened days and decreased intensity during the winter, balanced by extended and more intense daylight hours in the summer.


Even though solar panels don’t need hot weather, heat can make them less efficient. Cold locations will make solar panels work well.

Rain and fog

Due to the solid corrosion-resistant sealant, solar panels are inherently safe from the elements. As long as the solar panels are not cracked, neither rain nor fog should cause any damage to them. Also, rain can help remove the solar panels’ dirt and debris.

Direct sunlight on your roof

It is essential to assess the amount of direct sunlight your roof receives during peak hours of the day once you have determined the amount of exposure to the sun.


When selecting a location for solar panels, it is vital to consider the surrounding environment. An area shaded by trees, buildings, or other obstacles is unlikely to be suitable. Shadows can also be cast on the panels by obstructions on the roof, such as chimneys and vents.

The Direction of your Roof

The direction of the solar panels must be on a pitched roof at 30 degrees, slanted towards the sun, for optimal efficiency. The right angle of the solar panels on a flat roof may require additional brackets, but this should be determined based on your latitude.


For optimal solar energy production, a south-facing, unobstructed roof is ideal. East- and west-facing tops are also suitable, as they receive sufficient sunlight. If your home is north-facing, you may need more space on your roof for a solar panel installation.


What orientation does your home face? In many places, houses with southern exposure will receive the most sunlight on their roofs, although east- and west-facing roofs will still receive some more sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pre-existing seams of metal roofing make it ideal for solar panel installation. Composite roofing is also suitable for solar panel installation. Installing solar panels on tile roofing can be more challenging, as the tiles are prone to breakage, and the installation process may affect the waterproofing.


Due to the potential fire hazard, installing solar panels on a wooden roof is not recommended. Nevertheless, other options are available, such as a ground-mounted system, which may be suitable for your property.

Solar panels are most effective when placed in regions with low cloud cover and high levels of direct solar radiation.


Despite the frigid temperatures, solar panels can still utilize the sun’s light to generate electricity—the energy absorption results from the sun’s luminosity, not its heat. Colder climates maximize solar panel performance.

The construction of a high-grade solar panel should ensure long-term resistance to precipitation.


The expectation is for the solar panel to last 25 years or more. In particular, the outer glass and back sheet components provide additional protection from rain and other environmental factors. Most solar panels can survive such conditions for a long time.

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