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How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost

Solar batteries refer to a type of battery that can be charged with either solar energy or a typical inverter. A solar battery also stows energy which can be used later whenever needed. The energy stowed in solar batteries can be utilized anytime but in an off-grid solar system, particularly during a power cut. When power cuts happen, solar batteries come to the rescue. Moreover, using solar batteries is not required in an on-grid solar system as you still have access to the grid, and energy storage isn’t actually needed. If you want to know about the charges of solar batteries, then keep reading further; we have got you covered!

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost?

A solar battery is a type of battery that can be charged with either solar energy or a normal inverter. Currently, the solar panel battery cost in Australia is around $1,240 per kWh of storage which implies that the cost of a 6kWh solar battery would be approximately $7,440, plus installation.


If you’re considering purchasing a solar battery, the cost would be a concern for you. Thus let’s see what price can be expected from a solar battery based on the size of the battery. Currently, the solar panel battery cost in Australia is roughly $1,000 per kWh of storage. This suggests that purchasing a 6kWh solar battery will cost you approximately $6,000, along with installation charges.


Let’s have a look at the estimated solar battery costs based on different battery sizes.


Solar Battery Price
4kWh solar battery price would be
5kWh solar battery price would be
6kWh solar battery price would be
7kWh solar battery price would be
8kWh solar battery price would be
9kWh solar battery price would be
10kWh solar battery price would be

Factors That Define A Solar Battery Price

Solar Battery Manufacturer

Just like you purchase a specific product, the brand that you will pick will influence the cost of the battery. It’s because rates vary from company to company, along with benefits and distinct manufacturing techniques.

Battery Chemistry

There are multiple kinds of batteries that are available in the market; however, most suburban systems employ lithium-ion batteries. There are 2 primary lithium-ion chemistries utilized for solar batteries such as lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and nickel manganese cobalt (NMC). NMC batteries, the same as LG Chem Prime, have been there for a long time and are somewhat more affordable as compared to LFP batteries, including the Electriq PowerPod 2.


Moreover, some people prefer using lead-acid batteries than lithium-ion batteries as they are more affordable, but have a briefer lifespan, reduced power, and mandate frequent supervision.

The Number Of Batteries Installed

It looks simple; however, if more batteries are installed, it will require more solar energy hence the cost will be higher too. How many solar batteries you will require relies on the following:


  •       Total amount of kilowatt-hours of energy is being used.
  •       Battery’s storage capacity.
  •       The total number of apparatuses you wish to power.
  •       How long you have been powering the apparatuses.


In maximum instances, when a power cut happens, one or two solar batteries will retain sufficient stowed energy to wrap your energy requirements and supply backup energy to some main circuits.

Backup Load Panel

In a lot of instances, solar batteries are unable to power every appliance in your house. Though the crucial appliances will work, such as the fridge and lights, however, you will have to install numerous batteries to get the energy required to power appliances, such as your AC, during a power cut or in case you’re off-grid.


It is for the reason that a battery cannot power the whole house. You may be required to install a sub-panel so that the battery will support just the most essential appliances in your house during a power cut. Installing a sub-panel (occasionally known as a backup load panel), will cost you a supplementary $1,000 – $2,000 to the installation expenses.

Workforce Charges

The amount of workforce needed to install your battery system will likewise influence the cost of a house solar battery installation. The workforce fees can be somewhat cheaper if you install the battery at the exact time as the solar panels because all electrical workforce and licensing linked with the battery system and solar system will be conducted simultaneously.

Incentives & Rebates

The fee to install a solar battery can likewise differ based on what solar battery incentives are obtainable in your locality. Moreover, if you are eligible for the federal solar tax credit, you can earn an extra 30% off the price of your battery installation, even if the battery is not linked to solar panels.

Battery Capacity

Every battery has a storage potential known as its capacity. Depending on the storage potential, solar battery pricing varies. For example: A large storage capacity battery will cost more as compared to a small or medium capacity battery.

How Much Do Solar Batteries Save?

Solar batteries can save a household $100 to $1000 and more depending upon the battery capacity and electricity consumption. The payback period  can vary depending on the consumption of the electricity.


It usually takes 10 to 20 years for a normal solar battery to fully pay for itself depending on the size and consumption of solar power.

Are Solar Batteries Worth The Supplementary Cost?

Even though coupling solar panels with energy storage have become prevalent, it does not mean it’s applicable to everybody. Using solar battery storage solutions delivers the most incredible advantages to people who reside in locations that undergo regular power cuts, where complete retail net metering isn’t proffered, or if there are battery incentives accessible in their locality. Solar batteries are ideal too, if environmental considerations are your major concerns, as it enhances the quantity of sustainable energy your house utilizes. Nevertheless, if you just wish to preserve some extra money, a solar battery may not be beneficial for you.

Solar Panels and Solar Batteries Make an Excellent Duo

Using solar battery storage systems can be an excellent technique to get the maximum benefits of your solar panels. Batteries are an ideal source of backup power. They boost energy independence and seldom can also help you save additional funds on your electric bill. It’s because you will draw power from the battery rather than from the grid.


Nevertheless, solar battery systems have some drawbacks too. For instance, if you want to stow money on your electricity bill, using a solar battery may not be a good idea, particularly if your utility proffers net metering. If you want to couple your solar panels with storage, just don’t forget to reach out to different worthy battery storage providers to assure that you receive the maximum quality installation at a reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there will be a slight difference in both of their prices, for example, a 5kWh solar battery price would be around $5,000. On the other hand, the moderate price of a 5kW solar system in Australia as of October 2022 is around $1.08 per watt – or approximately $5,410.
Yes, it is feasible. However, the possibilities are a few rewiring to the solar panels would be essential. Moreover, if your current inverter is unsuitable, you will have to substitute it with the latest one.

No. If you attempt to install a solar battery on your own , you may experience electrical mishappenings. To avoid any electrical problems. Solar battery installer who has the experience, knowledge and holds a valid license can do solar battery installation.

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