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A Quick Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance

Do you think the panel tilt helps ensure solar panels remain clean? You are not alone. It is crucial to note that both flat installed and boards with sufficient inclination require cleaning. Yes, even self-cleaning panels with nano-hydrophobic coatings do require attention!

A lot depends on the solar panel installation site

Bird poop, dust, and pollutants in the air can damage solar panels, resulting in lesser energy production. In addition, fertilizer particles can accumulate and corrode parts of solar panels if the installation is near a farm.


Engineers often find layers of PV molecules on frames installed on buildings near construction sites or industrial complexes. Such particle build-up can reduce the efficiency of the panels.


Does a lack of maintenance impact energy production? Well, studies suggest that well-maintained solar panels generate more energy.


No worries. Let us guide you on the most straightforward approach to clean solar panels.

A step-by-step approach

Considering the Aussie weather, cleaning these boards at least once in six months is crucial.


Are you a DIYer? Then just ensure you follow the panel manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. Most importantly, don’t put pressure or stand on the structure.


At any stage of cleaning, if you feel you have goofed up on something, you can call solar panel cleaning specialists at Charlie Sparks Electrical to get the job done.

Step one: Turn off the photovoltaic (PV) system

Check the instructions in the owner’s manual for shutting down the panel system. Then, turn off the photovoltaic unit completely to be on the safer side.

Electricians recommend users clean the equipment only after sunset. So the possibility of electrocution remains zero.


If possible, use a voltmeter to ensure there is no current on panels before you start cleaning.

Step two: Softening the dirt

Combining clean water and a mild cleaning solution can do the trick. Also, consider applying isopropyl alcohol (spot cleaner) on the cloth if the panel manufacturer has recommended the same.


Using abrasive products (detergents) and metal objects is a strict NO.


Are you planning to use a brush? Opt for a soft one, preferably a solar panel cleaning brush.


For thorough cleaning, most homeowners also prefer using a garden hose or a solar panel sprinkler to get rid of grime or dust particles. Just ensure the water pressure is not too high.


Don’t forget to clean the soil accumulated in the panel structure’s bottom areas.

Step three: Wiping panel surfaces

Wipe dirty areas thoroughly with the help of a cloth-covered piece of sponge.


Lastly, wipe off the water droplets and suds with the help of a squeegee.


Remember, if getting on the roof is not easy, you should let licensed solar panel maintenance professionals do the job. It’s definitely not a little adventure activity for teenagers.


You can always call Sydney electricians who specialize in installing, replacing, or repairing solar power equipment and fixtures. Some firms also offer complete maintenance packages to ensure the system remains up and running.

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