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Solar System Installation


Solar energy is one of the most popular renewable energy sources around the world due to its ease of access; the first-ever photovoltaic cell was created in 1839 by Edmond Becquerel, though it took a long time to perfect the technology made by him as it was not until 1954 that an actual working cell used light to create a considerable amount of electricity, this practical version is the modern solar cell that was introduced by researchers working at Bell Laboratories. Solar Panel Services are becoming quite popular due to their high energy conservation ability.

Today due to the excessive strain on fossil fuels, most countries are trying to bring solar energy into the loop to reduce such dependence. A growing number of citizens in fair-weather countries are employing Solar Installation Services to reduce the dependence on grid-based electricity supply. It is known to have cut the electrical expenditure by more than half for a household.

Solar energy is a healthy option in countries where the cost of grid-based electricity is on the rise as the solar system is a one-time expenditure and allows for independence from the grid system.

In Australia, solar energy systems are an intelligent choice but have some complying regulations imposed on them. These regulations are:

  • Requirements for Installation and safety of photovoltaic arrays (U/S: AS/NZS 5033)
  • The Structural Design Actions Part 2 that concerns Wind Actions (U/S: AS/NZS 1170.2)
  • The regulation on stand-alone power systems Part 1that controls Safety and Installation (U/S: AS/NZS 4509.1)
  • Applicable since 2018, the regulation on Electrical Installations (U/S: AS/NZS 3000)
  • Applicable since 2007, the regulation for Lightning Protection (U/S: AS/NZS 1768)
  • Applicable since 2016 the standing regulation on Grid Connection of Energy Systems via Inverters that concern the Installation Requirements (U/S: AS/NZS 4777.1)
  • The regulation on the use of Secondary Batteries for Use with Stand-alone Power Systems the Part 2 that concerns Installation and Maintenance (U/S: AS 4086.2)

Solar Installations and Electrical Services are also booming as they are help customers by not only installing but also maintaining the supply system. The specialized batteries that are used with the solar energy system even allow to store the power to use in bad weather or at night in the absence of sunlight.

In the coming years, solar energy will be a significant part of Residential Electrical Jobs and Commercial Electrical Work. This can be proven to be the advent of an exciting era and would allow the opportunity to the world to shift to alternative sources of energy altogether.


All in all, we can say that solar energy is going to be the next big thing, and this is a positive development in the current global environmental scenario. Solar energy is a good option for people that wish to release themselves from the chain of the electric grid system. In case you are looking for solar panel installation services in the region, Visit the Charlie Sparks Electrical Services website and lookup out to the solar services section for assistance from the Best electrical service in town; we work with only the best equipment and offer highly satisfying services to all out customers.

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