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Ways to prevent electrical fires at home

Electrical fires are a common cause of house fires, but they can be easily prevented if you’re aware of their causes and install safety measures like smoke detectors and fire alarms. However, just because your safety appliances may be working doesn’t mean you can ignore your maintenance schedule for electrical safety. Prevention is a much better course of action than trying to put out the flames once they start. Inspections will help identify if your electrical system needs to be upgraded with RCDs in order to work smarter.


In this blog, we will highlight major tips that can prevent fires from happening.

Have an Electrical Inspection

The electrical inspection involves checking the wiring, old and damaged plugs, electrical appliances, solar panels that are old, and other electrical items.


But the most important aspect of inspection is checking the wiring and replacing it with a new one as it will become a threat to life by causing electrical fires. Always use copper wiring as it is more fire-resistant.

Check overloaded outlets

Resist the temptation to overload outlets with too many plugs or use extension cords if you believe an outlet is being overworked by too much electricity. While it’s tempting to plug in additional items (like a television set, laptop, modem, and more) try to spread out the burden on each outlet rather than placing all of these products in one room.


If you have to place all of these devices in close proximity, always remember to also use surge protectors that will help ensure your home’s electrical grid works smoothly without imposing any undue stress as it may result in a fire.

Check cord or Plug Damage

When was the last time you checked your cords or wiring for fraying or ripping? Overheating and sparks are two real safety hazards that could be prevented by replacing any damaged wires, plugs, or power strips. Exposed wiring can also represent a serious shock hazard for curious fingers, so make sure there isn’t any exposure when you check your cords. The best thing to do is to replace the entire item if it’s old and outdated.

Be Aware of old Appliances

Your microwave, vacuum cleaner, or hair dryer could start sparking out of nowhere and catch fire. This is because we have electrical cords in them to help keep them going, but over time these electrical cords need to be replaced.


If your vacuum cleaner or other such household appliance pieces sparks out of the blue it’s important you get the replacements needed, as this can cause a fire if it happens around anything that can burn like paper!

Pay Attention to Flickering

If you notice any strange flickering lights or electrical outlets making loud buzzing noises, you might have an electrical problem on your hands. Make sure to contact a professional electrician as soon as possible before it puts the safety of irreplaceable objects and loved ones in jeopardy that could trigger a catastrophic fire otherwise.

Try installing smoke Alarms

In the case of an electrical fire, having the correct number of smoke detectors installed in your home can make a huge difference. There should be a smoke alarm unit approximately every 21 feet in your home, including in every bedroom and outside of every sleeping area.


One should also install alarms in places such as basements, and attics; clearly marking where they are located would be helpful too.


Electrical fires are among the most difficult to handle and to put out as they tend to spread quickly, especially if not dealt within time. By following the tips provided above, you should be able to reduce the risk of an electrical fire being started in your home.

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