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Solar Battery Price Sydney | Charlie Sparks Electrical Services

Solar Battery Price Sydney

Solar batteries offer a steady source to reduce energy bills since off-grid electricity has become expensive. Solar battery prices have decreased drastically recently due to the government’s push for solar. But you must assess which solar battery will be the right choice according to your energy requirements. The price of the solar battery varies with the size and power required, plus the labour costs of installing the solar battery.


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Sydney battery price trend

Sydney Battery Price Trend | Charlie Sparks Electrical Services
The cost of solar batteries have come down recently owing to many manufacturers in the market. Above chart clearly indicates a fall in prices of solar batteries due to increased demand and supply of the solar batteries.

Average solar battery price in Sydney

If we look at all the manufacturers of solar batteries in Sydney we will find that the most batteries used In Sydney include 8 to 10 KWh because they are sufficient to power your entire home. But the average battery price Per Kilowatt hour is approximately $1200 . So the average cost of a 6 Kwh solar battery would be approximately $7200 plus installation cost as indicated below.
Battery Size Solar Battery Price
4kWh solar battery price $4,980
5kWh solar battery price $6,230
6kWh solar battery price $7,420
7kWh solar battery price $8,765
8kWh solar battery price $9,950
9kWh solar battery price $11,230
10kWh solar battery price $12,500

Factors that determine solar battery cost

Solar batteries offer a great addition to your home solar system since they help to reduce the cost of your energy bills. Several important elements influence the final cost of a solar battery such as brand of battery used, Size of battery etc.


Some of the main factors that affect the solar battery cost are as follows:

Solar battery manufacturer

The solar battery manufacturer affects the final price of the solar battery in the market since the quality , after sales service and demand of the solar battery varies. For example: Tesla and Sonnen have their own set of customers in the market and their prices vary according to their credibility.

Battery chemistry

The chemical makeup of the solar battery has a direct impact on their pricing. This is because every battery converts chemical elements into electricity. So as a general chemical , the two most common chemical elements of a solar battery are Lithium and lead. It has been observed that lithium containing solar batteries are more expensive as compared to lead ones.

Number of batteries installed

Do you require more than one solar battery to meet the power requirements of your appliances? Yes. Then you need to spend extra dollars to install those extra solar batteries.


But before you estimate the cost, it’s essential to know the exact power requirements of your property . Depending on it , we can exactly decide whether we require a single solar battery or need extra batteries to power.

Backup load panel

A single solar battery cant power your entire house. It has limited storage capacity according to the size and capability. If you need some extra power to run your crucial appliances you need a backup panel also known as a critical load panel. The cost of installing the extra panel adds to the overall price of the solar battery.

Labour costs

The labour involved in installing the solar battery adds to the overall price of the solar battery. For example: If the solar battery is installed along with the solar panels it would not cost much as compared to installing solar batteries later on.

Incentives and rebates

The federal Government from time to time offers incentives and rebates on use of solar to push people towards the use of solar power. But the incentive scheme that is effective in 2023 in the NSW region is the STC i.e. the small scale technology certificate . Under this STC scheme the government assigns a particular value(STC) with the relevant solar battery. Upon installing that solar battery with a particular STC , the final cost of the solar battery gets reduced with the value of STC .

Types of solar battery

There are mainly 3 types of solar batteries . Their working and uses are described below:


The lithium Ion battery offers an advantage over other batteries since they provide energy efficiency to the user. The only pitfall of this battery is that they are little costly.


Lead acid batteries are conventional types of battery offering users an affordable option. Most often used in the home solar system as a suitable option.

Flow battery

These batteries rest on the principle of chemical reaction. They find application in commercial settings where energy efficiency becomes very important.

Are solar batteries worth the extra cost?

Solar batteries are an investment but it’s worth to use them because of the following reasons:

Solar panels and solar batteries make a great pair

Solar, the non renewable source of energy utilises the energy provided by the sun and gets converted to electricity by the solar panels.


Solar panels work only during the time when the sun is at its peak i.e. between 12 pm to 3pm. Solar panels are not capable of storing extra energy that is required to run the office or household.


By combining solar panels with solar battery systems excess energy gets stored in these batteries that can be used later on when in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the prices will be different since both measurement units of storage are different.
Yes you can add a solar battery to your existing solar system but you need to change your inverter type to connect.
Solar batteries work by converting the energy stored in DC form to AC through the inverter which the household appliances can use.
The life of a solar battery varies from 5 years to 15 years depending on the type and how the installation was done.Lithium batteries are the most long lasting batteries.
For solar batteries to work in a blackout you need to have a blackout protection mode enabled on your solar battery. Next important thing is that the energy produced by the solar battery will last till the storage is not empty.
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