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Downlight Installation Factors

How to Choose the Best Lights for Various Parts of the House?

Besides illuminating benefits, you must consider both feel and functionality while choosing lights.


Are you feeling confused? No worries, team Charlie Sparks has you covered! 

Here are tips and tricks that our electricians recommend and implement the most.

Let Natural Light Reach Most Corners of Your Rooms

Several studies have proved how natural light has the potential to make people healthier and happier. So, the daylight should reach every corner of the house.

Now, you might wonder, how can you ensure natural light not just enters but spreads in the room? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Consider hanging a mirror on any wall across the window or adjacent to it
  • Choose a high gloss paint for coloring the room 
  • Consider opting for a pale color scheme
  • Install glossy floors in the room 
  • Opt for sheer draperies 

Three Types of Lighting

Do you know the three lighting options? Well, no worries, even if you are unaware. 

Ambient or general lighting, task, and accent lighting are three of the appreciated types.  


Recessed, ceiling, or wall lights are the most sold types of general lighting. That’s because they are perfect for overall illumination. However, if you need lights for reading, cooking, studying, or putting on your makeup, you need task lighting. 


The third category is accent lighting. These lights help in highlighting critical features like artwork, pictures, or architectural work in the room.


From prepping vegetables, cooking food, to maintaining cleanliness, you certainly use the kitchen area for several tasks. So, the space should have ambient, decorative, and task lighting as well.


LED strip lights for cupboards and decorative pendant lights over the breakfast bar or dining tables can work perfectly. Further, lighting experts recommend strategically placed overhead lights above the pantry, stove, and sink.


Overhead lights can be brighter. Plus, you can consider highlighting the cabinetry with warmer lights. Overall, 5000 to 10,000 lumens can prove sufficient for the kitchen. You can consider dividing the number of lights into various parts accordingly. 


The bedroom undoubtedly has to offer a calming, cozy feeling. Thus, a combination of ceiling lights (soft white) and floor lamps with a dimmer can meet most of the needs. Plus, bedside table lamps are a must. So yes, layered lighting is the best option to illuminate your bedroom.

Dining and Living Room

If your dining room is an open-plan area, consider using a pendant light. Preferably, it should remain 3 feet above the table. And, always choose soft-white colored lights. Such lighting can help create a perfectly cozy and inviting atmosphere in the area.


Whether watching television, settling scores on your PlayStation, reading or relaxing, most homeowners prefer using the living room as a multi-purpose space. Therefore, the room needs lights that can serve aesthetic and practical purposes. Thus, a combination of pendants, wall lamps, and downlights can do the trick. Use LED lights, and choose overhead lights with a dimmer. 

What About The Bathroom?

You undoubtedly want the bathroom to remain an extra relaxing place. Super-stressful days can end wonderfully with a long, warm bath. 


Let your electrician recommend high-quality pendant lighting, chandelier, sconce, vanity, or essential ceiling lights after looking at the bathroom interiors.


Some intelligent lighting systems cost a lot. Therefore, it is better to think twice about the features and benefits before buying the same.


Landscaping and lighting need to get the attention and budget they deserve. So, if you wish to create the best atmosphere in your home, let a licensed electrician from Charlie Sparks suggest the best lighting ideas. 

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