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Energy is the backbone of constantly evolving and rising Australia. In the forever competitive world, you cannot afford to lose out by the second. Our lives depend heavily on these energy and data solutions, making it crucial to have a quality electrical backup for your residential, commercial, and emergency electrical requirements. Residential Electrical Service can be needed at anytime of the day.


Charlie Sparks Electrical Services give you experts to handle various integral residential electrical services that are beyond the scope of your control. Your regular residential electrician should go above fixing classic faults and faulty equipment. Ensure a perfect job is done right from the installation to avoid frequent visits from the electrician later. 

Our expert electricians are perfect diagnosticians for your 

– Regular lighting installation

– Communication setups: TV/ Audio/Data solutions

– PowerPoint installation

– Safety Switches and Switchboard Upgrade services

– Security systems

Solar Panel installation

Smoke detector installation

It doesn’t matter if you live in eastern suburbs & BONDI, Western suburbs, Sydney, The Shire, or our very own Hills and Hawkesbury; your home is never electrically ill-equipped with our leading Residential Electrical Service.  


Vigilance, on-the-feet thinking, expertise, and management are the key characteristics of the best electrical services for commercial applications. Our licensed and dedicated team has over 15 years of experience to meet all the requirements for your workshops, factories, warehouses, offices, and multi-site projects. We are efficient, and we understand the value of time. Don’t lose out on time and resources, and leave us to get your system up and running by the minute. 

Our commercial electrical services include 

– Test tagging

– Safety Upgrades

– Energy-efficient Light System Installations

– Office Set-up and Maintenance 

– Communication Services: TV/Audio/Data services

Establish your commercial projects anywhere in eastern suburbs & BONDI, Western suburbs, Sydney, The Shire, or our very own Hills and Hawkesbury; rest assured we got all your commercial energy solutions up and about in no time. 


The world is recognizing the need for renewable sources of energy. Harnessing Solar

energy has become a common practice worldwide. The installation and maintenance

of solar panels is a task one shouldn’t undermine. The entire process calls for

expert monitoring. Your home solar panel installation and commercial solar

panel installation are on very different scales. One needs to follow specific regulations along with pre-requisite knowledge of stabilizer units,

battery capacity, and PV panel specifications. 

You need experts who understand the requirement of both large and small-scale solar panel installations. Experts who can guide you through the best approach, equipment, and government incentives available on these energy-efficient practices. Get smart with your energy usage and save big time on your future energy investments. 

A job well done now is a job not needed in the future. 


Electrical emergencies demand immediate attention. Whether it’s a faulty connection, power outage, or short circuit situation, you need quick action. Our dedicated team is here to attend to all your concerns 24*7. Our strong network of expert electricians makes it feasible for us to give you the on-the-spot service you need.  

If you need electrical installation on an urgent basis, we can make that work too. Give us a call, and our professionals will cater to your request. Depending upon your requirement of services, an expert will be there in no time for your assistance. 


  • BONDI and The Eastern Suburbs 
  • North Sydney and Northern Beaches
  • PENRITH and Western Suburbs
  • South Sydney and The Shire
  • Sydney CBD
  • The Hills and Hawkesbury

Charlie Sparks Electrical Services has offered these quality and efficient services with our expert electricians for over 15 years. Our commitment is to evolve with the evolution of our energy resources and make them accessible for all. The love and faith our valued customers have shown us motivate us to serve better and hustle harder.

Call us now to get a quote for our various services. 

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