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As sunny as it is in Sydney, the sun doesn’t always make an appearance in the day, and it doesn’t provide light when it’s set. If you are connected to the main energy grid, this isn’t much of an issue, but if you want to generate cleaner, green energy, talk to us about the range of power-generating and solar power high quality backup batteries solutions we offer. The high-quality storage batteries and inverters we can install will seamlessly manage power to and from your solar panel system to where it’s needed in the home or business.

To make better use of your solar panels and have reliable power through the night or on rainy days, installing an affordable backup batteries or stored power source is a great option. They can hold tremendous amounts of energy to keep your building lit and appliances running on zero emission electricity.

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The Tesla Powerwall

As one of the leading sustainable energy providers, Tesla is on solid ground with their range of energy generation and power battery storage solutions. At the core of Tesla’s mission is to move away from fossil fuel reliance and enable the world to move to more sustainable energy sources. You can make your own first steps to a cleaner, zero-emission future with Tesla Powerwall affordable backup batteries to generate your own infinitely scalable power source.


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Sonnen is an innovative, certified Australian-owned and operated natural energy company. Their flagship product, the sonnenBatterie lets you use clean energy, day and night, and provides unique solar powered home battery and data solutions. Boost the efficiency of energy use in your home with smart meters while storing solar energy in your very own solar power battery to help reduce the need for constant grid power. By investing in their long-lasting and recyclable technology, you can be part of a changing future, today!

The sonnenBatterie

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Solax Power

With their ground-breaking ability to retro-fit into any PV system, the Solax range of solar panel High quality backup batteries stands out with their Triple Power Battery, which we highly recommend businesses or large households look into. This new technology allows for wider temperature tolerances and can also be a much safer option when maximum power loads need to be met. With a 90% energy discharge depth, Solax offers flexible, high-performing and practical power storage options.

Solax Triple Power Battery - LFP



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