Smoke Alarms Installation

Smoke Alarms Installation Sydney

Smoke alarms are indispensable in any Sydney residence or commercial property. In the event of a fire, your smoke alarm will get triggered, signaling the potential risk and providing valuable advanced notice of the potential blazing threat.


It only takes a few seconds to save a life in the event of a fire. By installing smoke alarms, occupants can safely escape before the fire engulfs the building.


Smoke alarms with Charlie Sparks are highly sensitive and fully functional for residential and commercial applications. We have professional electricians installing high-quality smoke alarms for your homes and offices.


Our certified electricians will advise the optimal positioning for your smoke alarm, regardless if the building is new or existing. This will ensure the smoke detector gets placed in an ideal position to detect smoke promptly and alert you in the event of a fire.

What Is The Purpose Of Smoke Alarms?

Inhaling toxic fire gases can be more dangerous than contacting flames. Smoke alarms can help you detect smoke promptly, making you more likely to survive the tragedy.


In addition to causing intense eye irritation, smoke can also obscure vision. Smoke poisoning due to carbon monoxide, can cause disorientation and cause panic in the victim. Smoke makes escaping difficult once it envelopes you.

What Is The Best Place To Install Smoke Alarms?

Every bedroom and living space should have smoke alarms, including hallways and stairs. Install smoke alarms away from kitchens and bathrooms. Place it between the living and sleeping areas, ideally.

Types of Smoke Alarm Installation

There are two types of smoke alarms: battery-powered and hardwired. Smoke alarms that are hardwired connect directly to the AC power supply.


The hush feature on smoke alarms temporarily silences them.


It is possible to install a smoke alarm that runs on batteries without any electrical wiring. Ten years is the maximum battery life for lithium-ion models.

Types of Smoke Alarms

In Australia, smoke detectors usually come in three varieties: ionization, photoelectric and interconnected alarms.

Ionization Alarms

Ionization detectors, which utilize a small radioactive component placed between two plates within an internal chamber to generate ions when an electrical charge is applied, are most effective when detecting flames.

Photoelectric Alarms

Photoelectric alarms are significantly more sensitive than their predecessors. They work by projecting an LED beam across a room and alerting when smoke disrupts the shaft.

Interconnected Smoke Alarms

Interconnected smoke alarms can provide a practical solution for large spaces or properties. When one alarm detects danger, it triggers the other alarms in the system, thus simultaneously alerting all occupants of the potential hazard. Such an arrangement allows for swift notification of risk.

Smoke Alarm Installation Services

Our top priority is ensuring your family, business, and assets are safe. Installing smoke alarms safely and adequately is the responsibility of our qualified and professional electricians.

The installation of a smoke detector

Installing a hardwired smoke alarm

Inspecting smoke alarms

Replacing smoke alarms

Replacement & Upgrades Of Smoke Alarms

Why Charlie Sparks for Smoke Alarm Installation?

With Charlie Sparks, you get top-quality resolutions and certified electricians for smoke alarm installations. We install, maintain, and repair smoke alarms. We offer-

An Eye For Detail

Fast & Reliable Service

Exceptional Quality

Resolve Problems With Smoke Alarms Efficiently

Transparent Pricing With Licensed And Certified Professionals

We Are Available 24 Hours A Day.

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Reviews | Charlie Sparks Electrical Services
Charlie and his team installed new solar panels. He went above and beyond just the installation, answered every question and fulfilled everything he said, plus more. His team also installed a new ceiling fan on the spot. All the guys are super polite. Very happy to have found them and will not hesitate to use again when needed. I can highly recommend. Easy to deal with and honest.
Jennifer Quek
Jennifer Quek
Great service, on time and thorough. Would definitely use Charlie Sparks again.
Ged Mansour
Ged Mansour
Peter was able to fix the lighting very quick with short notice. He was nice and friendly. Definitely recommend.
Steffi Contad
Steffi Contad
Great Sevices
James Song
James Song
Charlie is the best in the business came on time as promised and was always happy to answer phone calls. Charlie was happy to answer all questions asked on site and was able to fix the issue on the same day thank you for your professionalism and honesty
Amanda Kenaan
Amanda Kenaan
Charlie did solar installation, it was a clean job. Very happy with the installation.
Neelakandan V
Neelakandan V
We are very happy Charlie to service our block of units as we have lost power and required an urgent fix
Louisa pou
Louisa pou
I almost didn’t use Charlie due a scheduling conflict but stoked I was able to. This guy is awesome, great job and reasonable rates. He is happy to talk stuff through and improve the layout where possible. He has been back twice for phase 2 and 3 of our renovation and we will get him back for our solar system in due course. Thanks Charlie !
James Grey
James Grey
Charley came out on very short notice, did an awesome job! Replaced junction/fuse box and internal cabling, plus fixture. Would recommend him for any electrical work. On time, and very efficient
Aleksandar Petkovski
Aleksandar Petkovski

Frequently Asked Questions

Following New South Wales Legislation, smoke alarms need to be installed on every residence floor. Smoke detectors must meet the requirements of the Australian Standards AS3786 and the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and can be either photoelectric or ionization alarms.
All Class 1 and 2 buildings, such as detached houses, terrace houses, town houses, villa units, apartments, home units, flats, caretakers flats, and single residences above shops (Class 4 parts of buildings), including relocatable homes, must be fitted with smoke alarms.
Installation costs for smoke alarms may differ according to the type of device, the property’s size, and the job’s complexity. Nonetheless, typically, homeowners should anticipate spending up to approximately $100 for installation.


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