Residential EV Charger Installation Sydney

    Make Your Life Simpler With Our Residential EV Charger Installation

    Managing a busy schedule and unpredictable charging times can make owning an EV vehicle challenging. But what if you could charge your EV overnight, just like you do with your phone? Our skilled team in Sydney offers seamless residential EV charger installations, tailoring the solution to your specific needs.


    Whether you’re an EV owner or just starting your electric journey, we’ll guide you through the process – from choosing the suitable charger to ensuring a safe and efficient integration into your home’s electrical system.


    With Charlie Sparks, you can bid farewell to the hassle of public charging stations and welcome the convenience of charging your car in the comfort of your garage.

    Ev Charger Installation In Sydney

    Types of EV Chargers We Install

    Level 1 Chargers

    Level 1 Chargers

    Conveniently charge your EV using a standard 120-volt outlet, gaining 5 km of range per hour. It is ideal for overnight top-ups or occasional charging.

    Level 2 Chargers

    Level 2 Chargers

    Gain 10-40 km per hour, significantly faster than a Level 1 charger. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your EV is ready for daily use or longer trips.

    DC Fast Chargers

    DC Fast Chargers

    Experience lightning-fast charging with 100 kilometres of range gained in just minutes. It is ideal for long-distance travellers or those needing a quick boost.

    Convenient & Expert EV Charging Installations For Everyone

    Residential EV Charger Installation

    Residential EV Charger Installation

    Our expert technicians install the perfect charger for your electric vehicle, ensuring safe, efficient charging day or night. Forget range anxiety and enjoy the convenience of waking up to a fully charged vehicle daily.

    Commercial EV Charger Installation

    Commercial EV Charger Installation

    We design and install custom EV charging solutions for businesses of all sizes. From single stations to multi-car charging hubs, we ensure a smooth, reliable charging experience for all your EV owners in Sydney.

    Why We Are The Ideal Choice

    Certified Professionals

    Certified Professionals

    Our team of licensed and industry-certified electricians are trained in the latest EV charging technology.

    Cost Effectiveness

    Cost Effectiveness

    We offer transparent pricing and competitive rates, ensuring you get the best value without compromising quality.

    Continuous Support

    Warranty Coverage

    Enjoy warranties on your EV chargers. We stand behind our work, giving you long-term peace of mind.

    Timely Completion

    Timely Completion

    We prioritise punctuality and efficient work, getting your charger up and running quickly and without unnecessary delays.

    Our EV Charger Installation Process



    We'll work with you to identify the ideal location for your charger, prioritising convenience and local regulations.


    Electrical Capacity

    We'll assess your home's electrical system to ensure it can handle the charger comfortably, avoiding potential issues.


    Charger Type

    We'll help you choose the perfect charger model, considering your car's needs and desired charging speed



    Our qualified team will handle the installation process, ensuring safe and proper wiring that meets all standards.



    We'll integrate the charger seamlessly into your space, maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing look.



    We'll provide thorough training, ensuring you understand how to use your charger effectively and safely.

    Solar Brands Do We Repair

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    We Are Your Nearest EV Charger Installers In Sydney!

    Sydney’s electric vehicle revolution is here, and we’re your local crew for a smooth transition. Forget the hassle of searching for qualified installers – we’re right in your neighbourhood, ready to bring the power of charging convenience straight to your home.


    No more distance anxiety, no more time wasted at public stations!


    Consider choosing local expertise over impersonal online searches. Contact us today for a free quote, and let’s get you charging towards a greener, more convenient tomorrow. 

    Experience The Ease Of EV Charging at Your Garage – Get Your Hassle-Free Installation Today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of EV charger installation depends on their features and capabilities. Basic models offer efficient charging, while smart chargers with Wi-Fi connectivity or solar integration might cost more.

    Sometimes, Your existing electrical capacity plays a key role. Upgrading your switchboard or installing a dedicated circuit for faster charging adds to the cost.

    The time it takes to install your home EV charger can vary, but most installations are completed within 6 to 7 hours. This timeframe assumes a standard installation with accessible wiring and a nearby electrical panel. However, several factors can influence the duration.

    Charging your electric vehicle in the rain or even snow is perfectly safe! Modern EV chargers and car charging ports are designed and rigorously tested to withstand all types of weather. They’re built with watertight seals and advanced safety features that prevent electrical hazards, even in wet conditions.


    So, using a home charging station or a public charger, you can confidently plug in your EV without worrying about the weather.


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