Electrical Power Point Installation Sydney

Power Point Installation

Are you having a hard time plugging in appliances at home or work? Does your home or workplace need more power outlets?


The number of power outlets in homes is often insufficient. It is especially true if your house is older and has many units in the kitchen, and has a home theatre.


There is also a limit on how many devices can be connected to an older house because there is only one socket per powerpoint. There are many factors to consider when determining how many power points you will need in your home. 

Our electricians at Charlie Sparks can install reliable power points to ensure that you have convenient access to electricity.


Charlie Sparks Electrical Services provide the expertise of highly-skilled and professional electricians to ensure convenient access to electricity through installing, repairing, and maintaining power point systems.

Power Point Types

USB-Enabled Power Plugs

A USB power point eliminates the need for bulky chargers on your desk. Using a power point is as easy as plugging your intelligent devices into the ports.

Quad Power point Or Four Outlets

Would you like to add more power outlets to your home? A kitchen or TV room with many electrical outlets would be ideal for these power points. Furthermore, they come with USB chargers and 5-point fixtures.

An Electrical Outlet Of A Standard Type

There’s nothing fancy about this power point. It’s simple and effective. In most homes, standard power outlets are available. It is no secret that double power points have a long history, but their design continues to evolve even after a long time.

Power Outlets With A Stylish, Modern Design

Incorporating a futuristic design, this power outlet is stylish and modern. By grabbing the corner and pulling it off, you can change the colour or design of your cover plate whenever you want without hiring an electrician.

An Intelligent Or Innovative Power Point

Bluetooth or WiFi can control power points from your smartphone or with a voice command. Despite their high price, these devices offer so many fantastic features, but they are still relatively new on the market.

High End Power Points

High-end power points offer a sophisticated and stylish electrical solution for luxury homes, commercial properties and upscale residences. Constructed from premium materials such as brass and stainless steel and boasting a modern aesthetic, these outlets provide a superior design and powerful functionality.

Power Point Installation Services

It is equally crucial that the power point installation needs of your home and family are unique.


The electricians at our company don’t believe in one-size-fits-all services, so they take the time to get to know you and create a custom solution. Whether you are renovating your living room and want more power or need more space for the kids’ technology, we have options.


Adding double power points to existing single power points

Power point installation

Power point upgrades

Testing the safety of power point

Upgrades & installing USB power points

Necessity of Power Point

Although most people ignore their power outlets until there are obvious signs of damage, there are some good reasons to call your local electrician for power point installation. Upgrade your electrical outlets before sparks fly. Take action if you notice any of these warning signs.

Benefits of Installing New Power Point

Installing a new power point can provide numerous benefits, from improved safety to increased functionality.

Reduced Risks

Upgrading outdated electrical outlets can help reduce the risk of fires, shocks, or other potential hazards and ensure that your home is up to modern safety standards.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Installing a new power point can increase the functionality of your home or workplace, allowing for the integration of new and improved features.

Energy Efficiency

Modern power point can improve the energy efficiency of a property, as new ones help to reduce energy consumption while providing reliable performance.

Regulatory Compliance

Installing a new power point can help meet regulatory compliance standards, such as those imposed.

Why Charlie Sparks for Power Point Installation?

Our local electricians in Sydney are among the most trusted in the industry. In addition to upgrading your power point and installing new ones, we provide a high level of service.


The following are some of the things that make us unique:

Licensed and Insured Electrician

Our Team is Available 24/7

Upfront Pricing

Professional Workmanship

Service Quality is our Top Priority

What our clients say!

Reviews | Charlie Sparks Electrical Services
Charlie and his team installed new solar panels. He went above and beyond just the installation, answered every question and fulfilled everything he said, plus more. His team also installed a new ceiling fan on the spot. All the guys are super polite. Very happy to have found them and will not hesitate to use again when needed. I can highly recommend. Easy to deal with and honest.
Jennifer Quek
Jennifer Quek
Great service, on time and thorough. Would definitely use Charlie Sparks again.
Ged Mansour
Ged Mansour
Peter was able to fix the lighting very quick with short notice. He was nice and friendly. Definitely recommend.
Steffi Contad
Steffi Contad
Great Sevices
James Song
James Song
Charlie is the best in the business came on time as promised and was always happy to answer phone calls. Charlie was happy to answer all questions asked on site and was able to fix the issue on the same day thank you for your professionalism and honesty
Amanda Kenaan
Amanda Kenaan
Charlie did solar installation, it was a clean job. Very happy with the installation.
Neelakandan V
Neelakandan V
We are very happy Charlie to service our block of units as we have lost power and required an urgent fix
Louisa pou
Louisa pou
I almost didn’t use Charlie due a scheduling conflict but stoked I was able to. This guy is awesome, great job and reasonable rates. He is happy to talk stuff through and improve the layout where possible. He has been back twice for phase 2 and 3 of our renovation and we will get him back for our solar system in due course. Thanks Charlie !
James Grey
James Grey
Charley came out on very short notice, did an awesome job! Replaced junction/fuse box and internal cabling, plus fixture. Would recommend him for any electrical work. On time, and very efficient
Aleksandar Petkovski
Aleksandar Petkovski


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