EV Charger Installation In Sydney North Shore: Power Up with Effortless Charging!

Charge up your ride effortlessly and enjoy the convenience of our EV charger installation in Sydney North Shore. Upgrade your EV experience today!

    Professional And Easy EV Charger Installations In Sydney North Shore

    Get Professional And Easy EV Charger Installations In Sydney North Shore

    Do you want to avoid the limited options at public charging stations or the long wait times to charge your electric vehicle? Imagine starting each day with your car fully charged and ready to go. Charlie Sparks makes this possible.

    Our professional technicians work with you to customise a charging solution that fits your residential, multi-unit dwelling or commercial property needs.
    We’ll examine your current electrical setup, suggest the charger type and location, and manage the installation process carefully and efficiently.

    A dedicated home EV charger lets you charge during off-peak hours to help reduce electricity costs while enhancing convenience.

    Contact us today to discuss your options and step into the future of easy and efficient electric vehicle charging.

    Our EV Charger Installation Service For
    Homes & Businesses

    Residential EV Charger Installation

    Residential EV Charger Installation

    Move forward with a home charger that powers your EV overnight. Our team evaluates your needs, advises the best option, and installs it smoothly for maximum convenience.

    Commercial EV Charger Installation

    Commercial EV Charger Installation

    Boost your business's appeal to eco-conscious customers and support your company fleet with accessible EV charging points. We provide complete charging solutions for office buildings, parking facilities, and multi-family residences.

    Why We Are Ideal Choice For You

    Site Inspection and Free Quote

    All our electricians conduct a site inspection to recommend the best charging installation solution for you.

    Customer Service

    Our electricians assure customer satisfaction through excellent work and prompt responses to queries.

    High-Quality Products & Installation Services

    We use top-quality products from trusted manufacturers. Our prompt and reliable installation services are highly regarded by our customers

    Warranty and Support

    Benefit from extended warranty periods and our ongoing support, assuring lasting performance and easy use.

    How Our Team Of Professionals Work



    We'll inspect your property to see if new EV chargers are a good fit. We'll help choose the best spots for them and make sure everything's planned out smoothly.



    Our electricians will create a custom EV charger system just for you. They'll figure out the best way to set everything up, manage the power needs, and solve any problems along the way.



    We provide top-quality EV charger setups at homes in North shore. We make sure everything meets safety standards and local rules, from the wiring to the groundwork.



    Our skilled electricians will thoroughly test your new EV charger to confirm it's safe and follows all electrical standards.



    Once your EV charger is installed, our friendly team will teach you how to use it. We offer one-on-one or group training, along with detailed guides.

    What Our Happy Clients Say

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    Charge Your Electric Vehicle With Ease & Convenience!

    Contact Charlie Sparks today and charge your car at your time and place.

    Brands We Install For Your EV Charging Needs

    Types of EV Chargers We Install

    Level 1 Chargers

    Use standard 120-volt outlets for a slower charge, ideal for overnight charging.

    Level 2 Chargers

    Faster charging through 240-volt outlets, significantly reducing charging time.

    DC Fast Chargers

    The quickest charging solution for rapid top-ups and long-distance journeys.

    Brands We Install For Your EV Charging Needs

    Areas We Serve

    We Are Your Nearest EV Charger Installers In Sydney North Shore!

    Are you searching for a professional EV charger installation in Sydney North Shore? Charlie Sparks is your local expert, ready to provide easy solutions for residential and commercial settings.

    We will promptly meet your EV charging needs, whether you own a private home with a garage or manage a business with a large parking area.

    Our team of professionals is just a phone call away to assess your requirements and recommend the ideal charger for your situation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does It Cost To Install An EV Charger In Sydney North Shore?

    The price is based on several factors, including the charger type, the installation complexity, and any necessary electrical upgrades. We provide options to fit various budgets.

    How Long Does It Take To Install An EV Charger?

    The installation can vary but typically takes about 4-6 hours, depending on your electrical system's complexity and the type of charger selected.

    Can I Use An EV Charger In Rainy Conditions?

    Our EV chargers are designed to be safe in all weather conditions, constructed with weather-resistant materials and built-in safety features to ensure safe operation.


    For any enquiry call us, message us, or mail us on following contact details.