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Switchboard Upgrades

Are you struggling with an inadequate power supply? A Switchboard Upgrades Installation is a system that operates your everyday appliances, lighting, cooktop, heavy machinery, motors, hot water systems and more, without a safe system, you could be exposing yourself from an accident that could happen at any time.

Phone Lines/ADSL

Do you need a reliable 247 emergency electrician

to make phone line repairs in Sydney or to install a new phone line?

Perhaps you would like the convenience of watching TV in your bedroom or

the flexibility of being online in whichever room you choose to be in.

Home Electrical Inspection

Our home electrical inspections will provide you with peace of mind.

When your home electrical system and its components are up to a safe

standard. our home electrical inspection incorporates checks on

safety, hazards, and risks that exceed the industry standards. Our

priority is your safety, therefore our inspections are thorough and our electricians are highly trained.

Powerpoints & Switches

Adding extra powerpoints to your home or business will help safeguard

the space from dangerous, exposed power leads. In addition to this, the

addition of extra powerpoints will dilute the electrical ‘stress’ on

your circuit, so that your powerpoints do not become overloaded, your

fuses are less likely to blow and you are protected against fatal fire


Ceiling Fan Installation

Our highly qualified team of Sydney electricians will swiftly install

your ceiling fan, so that you can make the most of your surroundings.

Whether you are looking to add a feature to your living room, save money

or cool down, ceiling fans are a popular addition to mainly homes and

some businesses across Sydney. There are many reasons why we install so

many ceiling fans.

Charlie Sparks Electrical Services Sydney emergency electrician
Solar Systems

The company chooses the most modern technology and the most

specialized partners and suppliers, and, as a result, the products and

services offered to our customers are distinguished for their high

quality and efficiency.implemented projects of high standards and specifications

that have been completed with absolute success and possesses the

know-how and infrastructure to successfully implement from the simplest

to the most demanding project.

Electrical Fault Finding

Are you experiencing loss of power, loss of lights or an electrical

system that keeps switching off, you may need some electrical fault

finding. Electrical faults are common occurrences with serious

consequences, but the good news is, they can be quickly rectified with

some expert help. Any electrical fault you experience you can rest

assured we will have it solved, and that’s a Guarantee!

General Electrical Wiring

We are highly knowledgeable with regards to energy efficiency and

cost-effective solutions for your home. We will make recommendations and

provide the most efficient and cost-efficient solutions available.Our

service is reliable, professional and competitive. We work to the

highest standards, no matter how large or small your household project.

If your project requires major works and the involvement of a Level 2

electrician, we can organise this for you, with minimum hassle!

Smoke Alarm Install

In many research studies and practical situations, smoke alarms

have proven to work. If a fire starts while you’re sleeping, an alarm

will sound waking up your family so that you can escape unharmed.

Everyone thinks that disasters like a house fire will not happen to

them, but there are over 11,300 house fires each year across Australia.

More than 60 deaths occur each year and the majority of these happen

during the evening hours from 9pm to 6am

Emergency Electrician

We offer outstanding 24/7 24 hour emergency electrician Sydney

service. We know when things go wrong without warning at the most

inconvenient time. Rest assured that whatever electrical problems you

arise. We will have a Sydney Electrician near you.With

expertise in all electrical services and 24/7 access to help at one

phone call away. We are eager to help with all your electrical issues.

So, No matter what the problem is we will diagnose it and resolve the

issue. So that your family won’t have to be in the dark for an extended

period of time.

Level 2 Electrician

Looking for licensed level 2 electrical contractor for

installation or repairs? Are you looking to upgrade your existing

electricity supply? We take pride in the fact that we can take care of

any size of the job, no matter how large or complex. If your job

requires major electrical work. Gordon’s Powers can organise and work

with a level 2 electrician for you immediately! Level 2 electrical issues are more dangerous and does require an experienced and qualified personnel to

complete the works. An Electrician must be an Authorised/Accredited

Service Provider (Level 2 electrician) to handle contestable works.

Hot Water Systems

we service hot water systems all the time, saving our customers from

unnecessary energy bills and a whole lot of headache. One of our

friendly, highly qualified electricians can be with you promptly to

service or repair your hot water needs with minimum hassle and


Our hot water services include a same-day guarantee so you can rely on us to look after all your hot water needs! Whether you have a water heater that is leaking, or one that simply

struggles to operate efficiently, it’s wise to arrange for it to be

looked at by a trained expert.

Security CCTV

CCTV Sydney Alarm installation provides reliable security systems and CCTV surveillance systems in Sydney

installation. With our extensive experience, we are a trusted name in

the security industry. Our staff takes pride in not just providing

clients with burglar alarms, access control systems and monitoring

services, but also in giving them peace of mind. We provide quality

service in a courteous, efficient, and safe manner.In today’s

society access control into buildings allows for the peace of mind for

the people inside as well as the safety of sensitive areas.

Commercial Electrician

Reliable commercial electrician in Sydney to maintain your business

electrics or carry out some simple repairs, or perhaps a great team who

can complete a new electrical installation at an affordable price and

quick turn around of time?Could your business benefit from extra power points, lighting, data outlets or security? Many

businesses don’t consider the implications of faulty electrics until

their business grinds to a halt. There are some small steps that you can

take to future-proof your business against electrical faults, security

hazards or damaged appliances – before it’s too late.

Surge Protector Installation

A surge protection device is designed to protect electrical appliances

from power surges (voltage spikes) that may occur from power outages,

short circuits, lightning and many other unpredictable accidents and

natural occurrences. The electrician will install this device at the

meter or the main electrical panel in your home. Once it is fixed, the

surge protector device will limit the amount of voltage that flows into

your home to avoid sudden surges in electrical current. This device

functions like a small outlet-level surge protector that can be used to

protect an appliance or gadget inside a home.

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